Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you help?

Hope Alliance Crisis Center assists victims of domestic or sexual violence and their families.

Do you allow males into the emergency shelter?

Yes, victims regardless of gender are able to access* the emergency shelter. *The shelter often maintains a waiting list as the need for emergency shelter is very high, therefore not everyone who needs shelter is able to get into our shelter.

Do you house homeless individuals in the shelter?

While some of the victims staying at the shelter are, or have been, homeless, being homeless is not a qualifier to stay at the shelter. Victims staying at the shelter were in immediate danger from their abuser prior to entering the shelter. 

I am ready to leave my abuser. Can I come to your shelter?

Hope Alliance provides emergency shelter at its confidential, secure location in Round Rock, Texas. Food, clothing, safety planning, case management, counseling, and legal advocacy are available throughout the stay.

Please call our 24-hour hotline at 800-460-7233, so we can talk about the best way to help you in your current situation.

Is there a waiting list to get into the shelter?

Due to high demand for our shelter services, we frequently have a waiting list. Because we are an emergency shelter our capacity changes on a daily basis and we are unable to give you an estimated time frame for how long you may be on the waiting list. When you call our hotline we can provide you with additional information about our waiting list process as well as discuss ways to stay safe until you are able to enter shelter.

How long can I stay in the shelter?

Most people stay at the shelter for approximately 30 days.

What happens after I leave the shelter?

Our emergency shelter is a short-term program—somewhere safe where you can rest, collect your thoughts and plan for your next steps. While in shelter, you will work with an advocate who can help you set and work toward goals and explore housing, employment, financial and legal resources. You can continue to receive these advocacy services and counseling from Hope Alliance even after you have exited shelter.

Is there a charge for services?

All of our services are free to clients. We offer emergency shelter, counseling, case management, and legal advocacy. Please call us at 800-460-7233 so we can discuss how we can best help you.

Can I text your hotline?

Due to confidentiality and safety concerns we are currently not able to communicate via text, instant message, or email. If you would prefer to live chat please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline:

Text and live chat about youth dating abuse are available at or by texting loveis to 22522*

Live chat about sexual violence is available at

What do I do if my friend or family member is being abused?

Please feel free to call our hotline at 1-800-460-7233 and speak to our advocates about your loved one's situation.

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