Allies of Hope

Together, we can end domestic and sexual violence

Allies of Hope

If our community is to end domestic and sexual violence, the public must become acutely aware of the tragic consequences family and sexual violence has on our families, friends, workplaces, and community. We must rid ourselves of the many misconceptions that can increase the barriers survivors must overcome on their pathways to safety.

With this in mind, Hope Alliance created the Allies of Hope program. This program gives local segments of our community the opportunity to stand with Hope Alliance and say, "Enough is enough."

Together, we can end domestic and sexual violence.

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Which Allie segment(s) do you belong to?

Become an Ally in every aspect of your life.

Allies in Justice-Court system personnel and advocacy groups

Allies in Community-Central Texas citizens

Allies in Healing-Hospitals, clinics, mental health personnel

Allies in Expression-Arts and sports communities

Allies in Comfort-Faith-based personnel

Allies in Success-Teachers, principals &  all individuals in the education sector

Allies in Excellence-Business owners, managers and others in business

Allies in Safety-Law enforcement officers 

Allies in Advocacy- Local government officials and people who work with them

Allies in Truth-Media personnel

Allies in Service-People and organizations in social services 

Allies in Competition-Coaches and athletes

The Problem

  • 74% of all Texans have experienced some form of domestic violence either personally or through a friend or family member.
  • 20% of Texas women and 5% of Texas men have been the victims of sexual assault.
  • Businesses pay an estimated $8 to $11 billion annually in medical expenses associated with domestic and sexual violence. They forfeit another $150 million
    a year in lost wages, absenteeism, and reduced productivity.
  • In 2017, 339 women and children in Williamson County were provided 6,635 nights of safety. 846 received counseling and advocacy services.
  • The Hope Alliance emergency shelter has remained full for the past five years, and an average of 30 families every month had to be referred elsewhere.


• Survivors of these heinous crimes have a myriad of needs as they strive to recover from their victimizations.
• While Hope Alliance provides a wide range of services, leadership of community
members is needed to help survivors complete their journey.
• There are many amazing businesses, community groups, social service agency,
and individuals in Central Texas that have the passion and resources to help.
• Allies of Hope are dedicated to escalating the issues of family and sexual violence in the public’s consciousness and creating the “village” survivors and their families need in order to transition


Each Ally agrees to:
• Publicly acknowledge the problem of family and sexual violence
• Recognize the network of agencies and individuals whose collective goal is the protection and best interest of individuals and families.
• Commit to a collaborative approach to more efficiently and effectively address the problems, avoid the “revictimization” of survivors, and educate the community.


Ally's Pledge

As an Ally of Hope, I have pledged to:

  1. Know the facts about domestic and sexual violence and spread them widely.
  2. Recognize domestic and sexual violence are major issues in our community.
  3. Support Hope Alliance and the victims of domestic and sexual violence in our community.
  4. Speak out against domestic and sexual violence
  5. Educate my friends and family about the prevalence of this violence in our community and discuss ways that our community can promote healthy relationships, provide  support to victims and send a clear message that the violence is not ok.
  6. Have the courage to look inward. Question my own attitudes and make a positive change when necessary.
  7. Recognize that teaching healthy relationships begins at home.

Join the Alliance

Becoming an ally also has benefits to you!

When you join you or your company will receive:

  • Link to your website from the Hope Alliance website
  • Feature on Hope Alliance's social media for one month each year
  • Training opportunities for your staff and clients
  • Immediate assistance for anyone you refer to Hope Alliance
  • Inclusion of your organization in Hope Alliance's electronic ally and resource database for potential referrals
  • An opportunity to demonstrate leadership on issues that affect your community

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