“This is not love, it is a crime.
You cannot look the other way just because you have not experienced
domestic violence with your own flesh.”

-Salma Hayek


Make a cash donation

If you have the opportunity to give a donate, please do so.

76 cents of every dollar goes directly to client services.

Your donation allows Hope Alliance to keep our services free of charge, the shelter doors open and the victims of domestic and sexual violence a chance to live a healthier life.



Often victims enter the shelter with little to nothing of their own. Please consider viewing our Amazon Wish List or our Seasonal Wish List and donating items on them to victims.

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From working directly with clients to becoming a board member,  Hope Alliance has many volunteer opportunities available.

Learn about volunteer opportunities that will allow you to work in the office or directly with victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Learn about how to become a committee member or board member to help with the progression of Hope Alliance.


Don’t be a bystander, stand up and speak out against domestic and sexual violence.

Teach your children to respect themselves and others. Learn more about what Hope Alliance’s prevention program teaches children.

Know the facts and speak out against domestic and sexual violence.

Often times victims of domestic violence don’t realize they are victims, or don’t know how to get help, so if you  see someone that needs help share our 24-hour hotline.

Invite Hope Alliance to speak to your business, group or school.

Stay connected via social media.

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Know what is available to help victims of domestic and sexual violence.

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