Legal Advocacy

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Hope Alliance Legal Advocates assist victims in navigating and interfacing with the legal system.

Legal Advocates are not attorneys and are unable to give legal advice.

However, Legal Advocates are specially trained and offer an expertise around legal resources, systems, and procedures.


Our advocates understand how overwhelming and complicated the legal system can be, especially for survivors.  They safety plan with victims who are accessing the legal system for various types of issues including:

  • protective orders
  • child custody
  • divorce

Advocates will also review the survivor's legal rights & options and will can connect clients to other helpful agencies including legal aid support. Legal Advocates also accompany clients to court who may need additional emotional and moral support.

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Hope Alliance hosts a virtual legal clinic once a month where clients can make an hour appointment to receive legal advice from an attorney “face to face”.

Call the hotline for more information about the legal clinic.

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