The global crisis of COVID-19 has directly impacted Hope Alliance and the survivors we serve. Since the day the stay-at-home orders went into effect, we have seen an increase in urgency in the calls coming into our 24/7 crisis hotline from survivors who felt trapped inside their homes with their abusers. Fortunately, these survivors sought Hope--a resource in constant and abundant supply at Hope Alliance. Though we have had to adapt many of our services to continue to meet the needs of survivors in Williamson County in this turbulent time, one thing has remained true: Hope Alliance has been and will always be there to provide safe shelter, hope, and healing for survivors of sexual and family violence. However, Hope Alliance cannot continue to provide excellent care, service, and support to survivors without the help of our community and outstanding supporters like YOU.

Hope Alliance Safety Net Sustainers help our organization provide safe housing year-round for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Your $20/month donation can help break the cycle of violence for generations of individuals who will not have to grow up in violent homes because their mothers or fathers found safety and healing at Hope Alliance.

In this time of great uncertainty, we ask you to consider the plight of those who may not even feel safe inside of their home. Show your support for survivors in our community by making a one-time donation  today or become a Hope Alliance Safety Net Sustainer and help us provide safe housing to survivors and their families 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
Thank you!

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