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Spring 2021

Volunteer News

Jasmine and the volunteers are in the process of reorganizing the adult and children’s clothing sheds at the shelter. The goal is to adjust our inventory to reflect the items the residents need most instead of the items Hope Alliance receives most frequently as donations. Many bags of dusty old slacks were recently removed to make space for t-shirts and casual, comfortable pants.

Thirteen volunteers received their Sexual Assault Advocate certificates in February. They look forward to working with Hope Alliance staff as direct service volunteers on the hotline, helping with shelter activities, and providing childcare.

Hope Alliance welcomed back families from Generation SERVE for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic started! Families will be coming to the office once a month to help sort donations and put together folders. Participating in volunteer projects through Generation SERVE gives families a chance to bond while supporting their community, and gets kids involved in volunteering at a young age.

Six members of the Gymnastics team at the University of Texas at Austin volunteered at the shelter on Saturday, March 20th. They moved new furniture for the teen room, emptied out the bug shed, and did an awesome job organizing clothes in the kids’ shed! Another group of gymnasts continued their work on Saturday, April 10th. They assembled a climbing dome, see-saw, and toddler slide.

Many thanks to Natasha Vaughn-Johnson and  the folks at IKEA for remodeling the Store of Hope! They designed, installed, and helped organize new shelving, clothing racks, and storage  solutions that look amazing!

Volunteer Spotlight

Adam P. is a 15-year-old member of the National Honor Society. Adam has been completing his community service hours  at Hope Alliance. He helped put together gift bags for the Allies of Hope fundraiser and sorted lots of donations.

Thank you, Adam, for your hard work and thank you Sean Barber, the Board member who recommended that Adam volunteer at Hope Alliance!

“This is not love, it is  a crime. You cannot look the other way just because you have not experienced domestic violence with your own flesh.”

- Salma Hayek

Upcoming Events

  • 15th Annual WoMen fore!Hope Golf Tournament September 27, 2021
  • Summer Advocate Training Program June 15, 2021

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