Counseling Program

Individual, Child and Group trauma-informed counseling services.

Individual Counseling

Hope Alliance offers 12 sessions of trauma-informed counseling, each session held weekly for 45-50 minutes. Therapy is for clients who are able to come to counseling consistently and are ready to work on deeper issues of trauma and its affects on client's self and relationships.

Counselors help client's process the trauma they've been through, manage symptoms and triggers, develop coping skills for issues like depression. PTSD, and anxiety, and address healthy relationships and boundaries. Issues of self-esteem, self care, assertiveness, and support systems are explored. Counselors are also able to advocate on behalf of clients, speaking with lawyers, CPS, schools, and other agencies to support the client and provide information about trauma informed care.

Worried woman sitting and looking at her therapist during a session
Boy drawing a home during occupational therapy

Play Therapy

Children are just as impacted by trauma as adults are! However, they are incredibly resilient. Play therapy helps children process the trauma they've been through by using the power of play. A child's primary language is through play, rather than talking, because most of their language and ability to reflect on the world around them hasn't developed yet.

If children are able to work through and resolve some of the trauma they are presently experiencing, they're more likely to develop healthy and stable relationships in the future. During a play therapy session, a counselor might use art, sand tray, games, or toys to help children find ways to express their emotions and thoughts about the trauma they've experienced. Counselors may also work with care givers on parenting children who have been through trauma by giving tools and exercises to do at home. Children 3 and older are eligible for therapy.

Group Counseling

Group counseling provides an opportunity to share experiences, learn perspectives, and work with new behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. Counseling groups are led by one or more professional counselors. Hope Alliance has several different support groups that meet throughout the year. Groups help each member by giving and receiving constructive feedback, supporting one another with similar experiences, and work through issues each is experiencing together.

Learn about the different Group Counseling options.

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