Domestic Violence happens here, in our community. The more we know, the more we can do to ensure everyone in our community is living in a violence-free home.


Of women have been abused by a romantic partner


Of adolescents are victims of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner


Of homeless women with children have experienced domestic violence

Survivors Speak Out

Hear their voices. Share their stories. Make their trauma count.



Mother, Engineer

When “Lalita” came to the shelter she was sad, afraid and confused.  She had been married for just over five years and her life at home had become unbearable.

The abuse was nearly constant. Her efforts to “do better” to “be better” were never enough. She lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety, never knowing what would be the reason for the next onslaught of name calling and hitting. One day, while sitting alone in her house, she made up her mind.  She decided to leave. She and her infant could not, and would not, live like this anymore.



Mother, survivor

"Stacy" came to Hope Alliance in the back of a cop car with her 13 month old daughter. 

Her ex-boyfriend had broken into her apartment and strangled her while she was holding her daughter in her arms. The police arrived shortly after he broke in and it took five officers to pull him off of her.  Her ex-boyfriend then assaulted a police officer after being pulled off of her.

He was arrested but was not charged with child endangerment or strangulation. He was only charged with burglary and assaulting an officer, as these charges are higher felonies



Mother, Teacher

“Monica” met her husband online. He lived in the US and she lived in Columbia. Eventually, they got married and she immigrated to the United States. Their life seemed to be an unending honeymoon. At first everything was good as they were happy and getting to know each other.  A few months later Monica became pregnant and they were very excited about adding a new member to their family.

Monica enrolled in a program to become a bilingual instructor and her mom moved to the United States to help her during pregnancy and eventually with the baby. 

Hear from one of our volunteers, Ashley, who is also a local police office.

Know more about the facts and statistics of domestic violence.

I never expected to be a victim. I was raised in Round Rock, went to college at UT, had a full-time, well paying job. I was confident, stable and ready for love. The abuse didn't start right away. In fact, it didn't start until after marriage when I became pregnant. The violence spiraled out of control from that point. This wasn't supposed to be my life, yet it was.

I am finally living a life without violence and I am so thankful for Hope Alliance's help in getting here.




I didn't think my abuse was enough to seek help. Other women had it worse. How could I take another woman's place at the shelter? It took a lot of convincing from my family that I needed to get out or I would be one of the women on the news who had been killed by their husband or boyfriends.

I was worthy of help. That was hard to accept, but I am so glad I did!



My daughter was 17 years old. High school cheerleader, popular with her peers and doing well in school. She loved going out, doing things around town, being involved in groups and clubs. The first major change I noticed was she never talked about her friends anymore and had quit attending events at school. Then I noticed the bruise on her arm. Turns out her boyfriend had been verbally abusing her, controlling her activities and grabbing and shoving her. Hope Alliance helped both her and I and hopefully she will be able to recognize red flags when she decides to start dating again.

- Trish


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