Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

The emergency shelter has a maximum 30 day stay and can house up to 35 adults and children. Within 24 hours of a victim entering into the shelter, she will be assigned a case manager who will meet with her weekly. At that first meeting, the resident and case manager will work collaboratively to develop a list of line items and goals that that individual resident hopes to achieve while in shelter. These goals can be both short and long term goals.

The residents also can meet with a legal advocate and a crisis counselor, if needed.


Residents have access to a clothing closet, basic toiletries (shampoos, soap, lotions, razors, hair products, etc.) and a plethora of food items for meals and snacks.

We encourage the future residents to bring any personal items with them.

The shelter is an undisclosed location, and privacy and confidentiality and of course safety is this teams top priority.

Unfortunately, the shelter typically has a waiting list of victims needing shelter.

Years housing clients
Victims housed in 2016
Nights of safety in 2016



“Everyone is great and helpful, very understanding”


“The staff was very sensitive to my needs and gave me helpful resources. They made me feel that this agency wants to do everything they can to help me.”


"I was safe. For the first time in a very long time. This allowed me to sleep, think and plan."


“Thank you for all your amazing support, I am truly blessed for the help provided to myself and daughters”


“They were there when I needed them most”


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