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Wish List

Thank you for donating to Hope Alliance!

Follow the link below to purchase and ship your donation directly to our office!

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Please call our office at 512-255-1212 or email volunteer@hopealliancetx.org to schedule a time to drop off your donation or for questions about items not on this list.  Donations must be delivered to our office at 1011 Gattis School Rd, Suite 110, in Round Rock during business hours.  Office business hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-12pm Friday.

The following wish list was updated on October 18, 2021.

We do not accept:



Home décor

Used car seats


Travel/hotel size toiletries

*Used underwear*

*Please check your donations, especially if children helped gather items. Bags or boxes containing used underwear may be thrown away unsorted.*

We do not need at this time:

Most women's clothing*

*Exceptions: leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, pajamas, jeans sizes 16 and 18, and NEW underwear and socks needed

Dress shoes, heels, sandals

Halloween costumes


Used bedding

Stuffed animals

Baby clothes

Baby formula

Breast pumps and accessories

Large baby items and furniture*

*Exception: pack and plays needed

School supplies

Canned/non-perishable food

COVID-19 Priority Needs

Face masks (adult and child-sized)

Dish soap

Laundry detergent pods

Toilet paper

Paper towels

Disinfectant spray and wipes


Paper plates and bowls

Plastic utensils and cups

Hand soap

Trash bags

Gloves (non-latex)

General Wish List

High Priority

$10-$25 gas cards/gift cards to Walmart, Target, HEB, or Visa

Snack foods and drinks

Face masks (adult and child size)

Ethnic hair care products

Men's clothing

Clothing and Shoes

Men's clothing (Hope Alliance clients include men and teen boys. Jeans and T-shirts needed most.)

Underwear (women's, children's, and men's, NEW ONLY)

Socks (adult sizes; NEW ONLY)

Children's sneakers (sizes 11C-6Y; new or very gently used)

Children's clothing (sizes 2T through XXL youth, new or gently used)

Tennis shoes (all sizes, new or gently used)

Women's leggings, yoga pants, and sweatpants

Women's pajamas

Women's jeans sizes 16 and 18


Hygiene and Toiletries*

*Note: Hope Alliance clients include men and teen boys. Unisex products or products labelled "for men" are appreciated in addition to products for women and children.

Hairbrushes and wide-tooth combs (not pocket combs or fine-tooth combs such as those found at a salon)

Multi-blade razors

Shaving cream



Body wash – full size

Body lotion – full size

Conditioner – full size

Shampoo – full size




Dental floss

Lip balm

Sunscreen (high SPF, safe for kids, spray preferred)

Hand sanitizer


Hair dryers & irons

Hair styling products

Hair ties

Cleaning and Paper Products

Dish soap

Laundry detergent – PODS ONLY

Trash bags

Toilet paper

Paper towels


Paper plates and bowls

Plastic silverware

Household Items


Pillow protectors


Reusable shopping bags

Bath and hand towels

Pillows (new or like new)

Dish sets

Silverware sets

Pots and pans


Desk lamps

Night lights

Baby monitors

Small wastebaskets


Alarm clocks

Ear plugs

Sleep masks

Inflatable air mattresses (self-inflating preferred)

Over the Counter Medication and First Aid


Cold/flu relief medication

Allergy medication

Stomach medication

Pain relievers


Anti-itch cream


Cough medicine

Pack and Plays

Sippy cups

Bottle brushes

Baby monitors

Diapers size 4 and larger 

Baby wipes

Teething rings




Canned/packaged fruit