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Wish List

Shelter Wish List

  • $10, $20 or $25 Gift cards (to be used for groceries, gas, gifts, etc.)
  • pack-n-play that are new/gently used
  • Alarm clocks
  • Luggage/Tote bags/Duffel Bags
  • Laundry detergent pods
  • New toddler car seats
  • Socks (Adults and children)
  • Baby Monitors
  • Baby proofing outlet covers
  • Paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels, plates, cups, tissues, etc.)
  • Spiral Notebook/Journals
  • 2017 planners/Calendars
  • Slippers
  • Batteries (all sizes but need more AAA than any other size)
  • Black pens
  • Bath Towels
  • Comforters/Duvets/Large blankets
  • Standard pillows
  • Standard pillow cases
  • Twin sheets
  • Coffee pot
  • Can openers
  • Makeup (mascara)
  • Makeup remover
  • washcloths
  • lamps (table lamps specifically for inside client bedrooms)
  • laundry baskets

Special Requests:

  • New Vacuum for shelter residents
  • Brooms and dust pans
  • New dressers for client bedrooms, current ones are severely damaged

Due to your generosity and space limitations, we currently DO NOT need any of the following.

  • Women’s clothing items

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